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Porfiman is the main supplier for a wide range of Iranian natural stones internationally. We have gathered a complete selection of the finest Iranian Marble, Travertine, Onyx and Limestone blocks for export from nearly 30 different quarries.

Our selected team of professional inspectors has enabled us to provide a not only reliable but also a professional service to our clients and customers.

Porfiman sales executives are always pleased to serve you and our on-site quarry teams would enjoy giving you a special guided tour at your demand.

Constant quality control, rapid personalized response and optimum delivery worldwide have helped us earn our international reputation for reliability around the world

Porfiman is operating own quarries with the latest production technology with over 14 years’ experience in the natural stone business, Porfiman Co provides its customers with a full guaranty of quality, transparency, delivery time and customer care.

Porfiman’s Quarry Complex stone range includes Marble, Travertine and Onyx stone quarries and we ensure regular supplies of unique textures and shades. To provide guarantees regarding the quality of our materials, transparency and customer care as a priority goal, we are delighted to welcome customers to our premises at all times to inspect our extracted blocks.


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Address Suite 10, No. 11, Hakim Azam Alley, , North Shiraz St., Mollasadra Ave, , 1991646913, Tehran, Iran
Phone +98 21 88051200
Fax +98 21 88051201
Skype rahmanoo
Website www.porfiman.com