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Fasani Celeste S.r.l.


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Company Info

FASANI CELESTE S.r.l. is a professional and reliable Italian marble quarry owner and exporter with more than 25 years of experience in stone sector. FASANI CELESTE S.r.l. headquarters, factory and quarries are located in Verona Province (Italy). Being the owner of over 95% of Rosso Verona existing quarries, is the world's largest manufacturer and only direct source of original Rosso Verona. FASANI CELESTE S.r.l. can directly provide marble blocks, slabs, tiles as well as any other customized stone products. FASANI CELESTE S.r.l. is the exclusive supplier of other high-quality Italian natural marbles and limestones too, such as: Giallo Reale, Lumachella (Hera), Breccia Paradiso (Cicily Grey), Rosso Reale, Superbo, Perlino Bianco, Perlino Rosa, Pietra della Lessinia Bianca, Verdello and Pietra della Lessinia Rosa. FASANI CELESTE S.r.l. has got a China-based Asia Representative Office and Showroom with local Italian team responsible for Asia, Australia and New Zealand markets; thanks to a worldwide network of international and global sales, FASANI CELESTE S.r.l. has been actively operating in the following areas: China, South-East Asia, Russia, India, Northern Africa, United Arab Emirates and other Persian Gulf Countries.


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Address Headquarters And Quarries: Italy, Via Corso 40, Lugo Di Grezzana (Vr), Asia Office: China, Hunan Province, Changsha City, Yuhua District, No. 431 Shaoshan North Road, Don, 37023, Lugo Di Grezzana Vr, Italy
Phone +86(0)73189723621
Fax +86(86)73189723631
Skype giulia281084
Website www.fasaniceleste.it