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Aegean Antique Marble Co.


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Company Info

Aegean Antique Marble, with its young , dedicated staff and with its high quality standarts; is one of the most reliable, trusted, marble and travertine supplier in Turkey ever since 2001.
Exporting 60.000 m2 tile and 12.000 m2 slabs per year to the distinctive clients around the globe, we have immense experience based on customers’ request oriented production.
Client satisfaction is our primary goal, and in this respect our commitments are most important value on the job we are dedicated.

With our high production quality,wide range of products and fast solutions to their demands,we are under service of our world wide clients.
Our belief into our job and enthusiasm of meeting the customer request as they demand, keep us to fulfill our commitments in the perfect way our clients looking for.


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Contact Details

Address Izmir, 35240, Izmir, Turkey
Phone 90533229627
Fax 902324219239
Website www.eamermer.com.tr