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Karystos Stones And Slabs Baltas Nikolaos


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Company Info

The quarry was founded in 1979 in Agios Dimitrios Karystos with the extraction of shale ( “Karystos stones – slabs”). Then followed processing of rocks and transport across Greece proprietary commercial trucks. Our long experience in Karystos stones and great recognition from our customers and the continuous improvement of our work brought us happy in 1992 to create a second quarry in area Melissonas Karystos.
At the same time we created our factory with modern processing facilities Karystos stones private land of 10 acres in the 9th Provincial Road km Halkida Karystos.
The dignity, honesty and continuous improvement combined with affordable prices and excellent quality has brought in top positions of the Greek and foreign markets in the Karystos stones and slabs.


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Address 9Th Km Provincial Road Karystos Halkida, 34013, Karystos, Greece
Phone +30 6932405883
Fax +30 2224041739
Website latomeio-plakes-karystou.gr/en/