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How it works

Stone Alerts help you find what you're looking for faster.

1. Create an alert
Describe the stones you are looking for including name, dimensions, etc.

2. Reach 515 suppliers worldwide
We will forward your message to all our suppliers who will reply back with offers.

3. Pick the best offer
It is then your turn to contact back those who made interesting offers and come to a deal.

Some tips

To improve the quality of replies from our suppliers please include the following information in your message.

  • Material name Use the international name of the Stone. For example instead of Rosso Alicante or Rojo alicante please use Red Alicante.
  • Dimensions desired Please provide thickness length and width when applicable.
  • Total quantity For example 1000 m2.
  • Processing If needed, describe processing: polished, beveled, etc.
  • Delivery location Country, arrival port, etc.

A few examples

Dear Suppliers, I am looking for 1000 m2 Black Galaxy granite Slabs 2 and 3 cm thick delivered to Turkey. Please provide me with prices for both polished and unpolished. Thanks in Advance.
Dear Suppliers,
Please provide me with prices for the following:
- Black Galaxy granite Blocks
- Thassos White marble in 2 and 3 cm unpolished slabs.
- Red Alicante tiles in 30x30x2 unpolished
All materials delivered to Espirito Santo Brazil.

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